Russians retreat from Severodonetsk, Ukraine sentences a Russian soldier to life in prison

23 May, 10:13 AM
A Ukrainian soldier in Donetsk Oblast (Photo:REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

A Ukrainian soldier in Donetsk Oblast (Photo:REUTERS/Carlos Barria)

Today, May 23, is the 89th day of Ukraine's defense against a full-scale Russian invasion. The third month of Russia's war is about to end.

7.49 p.m: After a day of storming Severodonetsk, Russian forces had to retreat from the city, bearing losses, Ukraine's Army General Staff has reported.

  • At the same time the enemy resumed the assault in the area of ​​Ternova Village in Kharkiv Oblast with the support of artillery, but had no success;
  • in the Sloviansk direction, the Russians were trying to hold their ground and create conditions for the resumption of the offensive. The enemy launched an airstrike on the Bogorodichny district and fired artillery at Husarivka, Chepil, Dolyna, and Sviatohirsk. In the area of ​​the village of Studenok, the Russians used MLRS and heavy flamethrowers;
  • in the Donetsk direction, enemy units were trying to break through the defenses of Ukrainian troops to surround them and reach the administrative border of the Luhansk region. The main efforts of the occupiers are focused on the Bakhmut direction;
  • in the Lyman direction, the enemy fired artillery at units of the Defense Forces and the civilian infrastructure of the Lyman;
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5.02 p.m: German intelligence has identified Russian neo-Nazis fighting against Ukraine, Der Spiegel reported. 

While the Kremlin justifies its invasion of Ukraine, saying it aims to conduct denazification of the country, it has sent real neo-Nazi squads to fight against Ukraine.

According to German intelligence, groups of Russian "right-wing extremists and Nazis" were units of the "Russian Imperial Movement" and the group "Rusichi".

4.55 p.m: Russian occupiers shelled Bilozerka, a village in Kherson Oblast, using cluster ammunition, Ukrainian Army Operative Command South has reported.

Three people were killed and 10 building were damaged by the latest attack.

1.41 p.m: Today Ukrainian authorities finished dismantling the rubble caused by the Russian airstrike on Desna village of Chernihiv Oblast and found 87 dead civilians under it.

"Unfortunately, 87 victims were found under the rubble. They were killed, "said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky addressing the World Economic Forum in Davos on May 23.

1.08 p.m: Ukrainian court sentenced Vadim Shishmarin, a 21-year-old Russian soldier to life in prison. 

Earlier Shishmarin pled guilty to killing an unarmed civilian in Sumy Oblast after his commander told him to do so. 

12.51 p.m: Russian journalists from the Proekt media website have identified 166 Russian commanders taking part in the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

Journalists also found out that all units of the Russian army that are able to combat actions are taking part in the war against Ukraine.

Proekt has identified more than 150 units of the Russian army involved in the war, along with 166 invasion commanders.

"It is becoming clearer why the army has a low fighting spirit, why the military is looting, and what is the scale of the Russian invasion," the journalists said.

12.45 p.m: Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has signed a law that allows the confiscation of financial assets of those, who support the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

The procedure of identifying and confiscating the assets of sanctioned persons who in one way or another support the aggression of the occupiers against Ukraine will allow to quickly and effectively replenish the Ukrainian budget, Zelensky said.

"The law provides clear instructions for the bodies responsible for this process. I hope for productive interaction of all its participants, "Zelensky added.

11.45 p.m: Early in the morning Russians conducted two missile strikes on Korosten, a city in Zhytomyr Oblast, the local governor Vitaly Bunechko said. 

"At 4 a.m a Russian missile hit railway infrastructure. Before that  Ukrainian air defense shot a missile in one of the residential areas, causing no significant damage," Bunechko said.

Crimes that were committed during full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian invading forces. (Фото: Prosecutor's General Office of Ukraine)
Crimes that were committed during full-scale invasion of Ukraine by the Russian invading forces. / Фото: Prosecutor's General Office of Ukraine

Russia intensifies attacks in Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Over the past 24 hours, the occupiers heavily shelled all settlements of Luhansk Oblast.

In the Donetsk direction, the Russian occupiers continue attempts to break through the defenses of Ukrainian troops and reach the administrative borders of the Luhansk region, General Staff of the Ukrainian Army has reported.

For several days in a row heaviest fights have been going on near Severodonetsk, a city in Luhansk Oblast.

"The Russians are transferring killers and equipment from other directions. They are attacking our positions around the clock, trying to break through the defenses," Luhansk governor Serhiy Hayday said.

Late at night Russians shelled railway infrastructure in Malyn, a town in Zhytomyr Oblast. One person died and four more were wounded, the local council has reported.  

The infrastructure of Ukrzaliznytsia, about 150 residential buildings, one apartment building, several shops and cafes, and some industrial enterprises were damaged by the Russian shelling of Zhytomyr Oblast.

"Unfortunately, there is one victim - an employee of Ukrzaliznytsia. There are also four wounded - three employees of Ukrzaliznytsia and one resident of Malyn," Zhytomyr mayor Oleksandr Sytailo said.

Meanwhile, Russia has already lost 29,200 soldiers killed in action since Feb. 24 in Ukraine, General Staff has reported.  And the UK Defense Ministry has said that in three months of the war in Ukraine Russia has already lost almost the same number of soldiers as during the 9-year campaign in Afghanistan.

Today Ukraine will be a top priority of the discussions at World Economic Forum in Davos, where President Volodymyr Zelensky will give a speech via video conference.  

While in Kyiv a Russian soldier Vadim Shishmarin, who has pled guilty of killing a civilian in Sumy Oblast, will hear his sentence. 

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