Russia's imposing pro-Russian leadership in Kherson highlights failure of invasion, says UK intelligence

14 May, 04:22 PM
Kherson city council (Photo:Ihor Kolykhayev/Facebook)

Kherson city council (Photo:Ihor Kolykhayev/Facebook)

The fact that Russia has imposed a pro-Russian local leadership in Kherson highlights the failure of the Kremlin invasion to make progress towards its political objectives in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defense tweeted on May 11.

The UK Intelligence said that the Russian-imposed military-civilian
administration in Kherson had announced they would ask Russia to include
Kherson Oblast in the Russian Federation.

It is noted a central part of Russia's original invasion plan was highly likely to
use rigged referendums to place the majority of Ukraine's regions under long-
term pro-Russian authority.

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"If Russia carries out an accession referendum in Kherson, it will almost
certainly manipulate the results to show a clear majority in favor of leaving
Ukraine," the intelligence said. "Citizens in the Kherson region are likely to continue to demonstrate their opposition to Russian occupation."

Earlier Russian propaganda news outlet RIA reported the Russian puppet authorities of Kherson Oblast were planning to ask Putin to "attach Kherson Oblast to Russia". 

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