Russia lacks military capacity to realize its ambitions in Ukraine – Canadian Armed Forces

22 July, 01:09 PM
Canadian national flag (Photo:ElasticComputeFarm/Pixabay)

Canadian national flag (Photo:ElasticComputeFarm/Pixabay)

Due to Russia's losses during the war in Ukraine, it "no longer has the military capability to achieve its ambitions,'' Canadian Armed Forces said in a Twitter post on July 21.

The tweet came in response to Russia's claims of expanding its goals in the war following Ukraine receiving military assistance from the West.

“Russia has claimed that, in response to Western military aid being provided to Ukraine, it has been “forced” to expand its goals beyond the “liberation” of the Donbas to include other major portions of the country,” says the statement.

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However, the Canadian Armed Forces emphasize that Russia has always had maximalist geographical ambitions in relation to Ukraine.

As an example, the Canadians named Moscow's failed attempts to seize Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, and Kharkiv at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. Back then Russia already demonstrated its significant territorial ambitions to go beyond Donbas.

“Russian forces have also occupied parts of southern Ukraine since February, which precedes the delivery of recent Western aid to Ukraine that Moscow is using as a pretext for expanding military objectives,” the Canadian Armed Forces noted.

They add that due to significant losses of personnel and equipment, Russia probably no longer has the military capacity to realize its ambitions in Ukraine.

“It is now being forced to scale down its strategic objectives while providing a new public rationale for the piecemeal territorial control it has achieved,” the statement reads.

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