Russia losing, trying to freeze war at any cost, says Poland’s Duda

28 October 2022, 02:55 PM
Polish president Andrzej Duda (

Polish president Andrzej Duda (

Russia is losing to Ukraine and is trying to freeze the war at any cost, Polish broadcaster TVN24 quoted the country’s President Andrzej Duda as saying on Oct. 27.

According to the Polish president, given what Russian diplomacy is doing, the phone calls of Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov to London, Washington, Paris, Berlin, it is possible to say that Russia is trying to freeze this conflict at any cost to stop the Ukrainian offensive.

Duda noted the aggressor is trying to stop military aid from the West and NATO countries to Ukraine since it is actually losing this war.

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“Because it (Russia) is being pushed out of the occupied territories, because it is threatened with being pushed out of the occupied territories of Ukraine, i.e. Ukraine will restore control over its internationally recognized borders,” he said.

According to Duda, Russia cannot resist the heroism of Ukrainians, the determination of Ukrainian soldiers reinforced by military aid from the West.

“The sanctions that Western countries have imposed on Russia are so effective that Russia is currently unable to produce modern, world-class weapons, so it’s using weapons by removing stocks from the 1960s, and maybe even older,” the Polish president said.

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