Russian missile strikes ‘greet’ Odesa on VE Day, says city mayor

10 May, 01:08 PM
A fire in an Odesa mall, caused by a Russian missile strike late on May 9 (Photo:Operative Command South)

A fire in an Odesa mall, caused by a Russian missile strike late on May 9 (Photo:Operative Command South)

Russia “demilitarized” a local business in Odesa on Victory Day, killing one and injuring several people, the city’s Mayor, Gennadiy Trukhanov, said in a Facebook post on May 10.

"Pax Russica congratulated the Hero City of Odesa on Victory Day, lobbing seven missiles at us; the (destroyed) enterprise has nothing to do with military infrastructure,” said Trukhanov.

Late on May 9, Russia launched supersonic Onyx missiles at Odesa, from annexed Crimea, along with three air-launched Kinzhal (Dagger) missiles.

Видео дня

They all hit civilian targets in the city and surrounding areas According to Ukraine’s Operational Command South, the invaders attacked Odesa with seven Soviet-era missiles, hitting a shopping mall and a consumer goods warehouse. One person was killed and five were injured in the attack.

The Ukrainian military speculates that the Russian’s missile reserves are running low, as the Russians started using outdated Soviet-style weapons, which cannot be precision-guided due to their age. 

"While searching for strategic facilities, a number of obsolete missiles managed to hit the ‘extremely dangerous’ shopping center and a warehouse of finished consumer goods," the press service of the operational command stated.

The army says such "hysterical attacks" on civilians and civilian infrastructure are attempts to exert psychological pressure.

During the day on May 9, the Russians fired Oniks (a.k.a Onyx or Yakhont) missiles at Odesa Oblast from the occupied Crimean peninsula and shot three Kinzhals from a Tu-22 aircraft. All affected structures are civil infrastructure facilities of the city and region. 

Earlier on May 9, Russia shelled Sloviansk, a city in Donetsk Oblast.

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