Russia mobilized 500,000 people in 2022, Bloomberg reports

29 March, 08:52 PM
Mobilization to the Russian Federation (Photo:Sergey Pivovarov/Reuters)

Mobilization to the Russian Federation (Photo:Sergey Pivovarov/Reuters)

The Russian military added 500,000 people to its ranks in 2022, with 100,000 of them joining private military companies, Bloomberg reported on March 29.

According to the report, Russia’s state statistics service Rosstat confirms 400,000 people were drafted into military service or signed contracts with the Russian Army. However, this data doesn’t include around 100,000 people recruited into private structures like the Wagner Group, which are ostensibly separate from the country’s Armed Forces.

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In October 2022, Russian authorities reported that 300,000 people were drafted into military service as part of “partial” mobilization.

Bloomberg emphasized that due to extensive mobilization in Russia, labor shortages have significantly increased. Rosstat recorded a record low unemployment rate in 2022. In January 2023, unemployment was 3.6%, while real wages kept growing throughout October and December 2022 due to lack of applicants.

As of February 2023, HeadHunter statistics showed the number of vacancies exceeded the number of new jobseekers, for the first time in 12 months.

By taking into account military losses in Ukraine and large-scale emigration from the country, Bloomberg experts predict that Russia could lose 6.5% of its working-age population by 2033.

On March 24, Bloomberg reported that Russia plans to recruit 400,000 more troops, following the failed spring offensive in Ukraine.

On Feb. 21, The New York Times reported that Russian dictator Vladimir Putin plans to draft hundreds of thousands more Russians into the army, calling on them to defend their country from being “taken over by NATO.”

According to Ukrainian intelligence, Russia plans to conduct a new wave of mobilization, but remains constrained by a lack of trained officers and military equipment.

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