Russia mobilizes 20,000 troops every month, Ukrainian intelligence says

21 March, 01:07 AM
Russian occupiers (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Malgavko)

Russian occupiers (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Malgavko)

As covert mobilization continues in Russia, authorities mobilize around 20,000 people every month, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov told Ukrainian TV broadcasters March 20.

“This process is ongoing,” he said.

“And as part of covert mobilization, the Ruscists manage to mobilize about 20,000 people every month.”

Intelligence reports suggest that Russia prepares a new wave of mobilization in the country.

Yusov added that Russia also needs to train the mobilized troops, but there aren't enough training centers to fulfill that need, which forces Russia to use training grounds in Belarus.

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On March 17, Russian media reported Moscow started losing troops in Ukraine at twice the pace since the beginning of “partial” mobilization in September 2022.

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