Russian occupiers conduct overnight raids in Kherson

12 August, 11:31 AM
The occupiers continue their terror in captured Kherson (Photo:Radio Svoboda)

The occupiers continue their terror in captured Kherson (Photo:Radio Svoboda)

Russian occupations forces in Kherson conducted a series of overnight raids and detained a number of Ukrainian citizens, deputy head of Kherson regional council Yurii Sobolevskyi said in a Telegram post on Aug. 12.

“Raising the specter of 1930s USSR: people are much more afraid of the hum of a military Ural truck in the backyard and loud swearing with a Russian accent, wondering who’s getting taken away this time,” Sobolevskyi said.

The reasons for these punitive raids remain unclear. However, Russian occupation forces have been reported to be tightening security measures following successful partisan attacks on local collaborators.

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Sobolevskyi added that several explosions near the town of Nova Kakhovka had also been reported.

Ukraine launched a series of attacks on key bridges over the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast, along with a number of enemy staging facilities across southern Ukraine, on Aug. 8. Afterwards, Kherson officials reported that Russians had started to ship their families out of occupied Kherson.

Kherson regional councilman Serhiy Khlan said on Aug. 10 that the nearby Kakhovka Bridge was the last operational major river crossing over the Dnipro river, and its destruction has left Moscow without the means to reinforce their regiments in Kherson with heavy military equipment.

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