Russia planned in advance to destroy Mariupol, says Mayor Boychenko

6 July, 11:35 AM
Russia's invasion force almost completely destroyed the city of Mariupol. (Photo:Palaezepa50/Twitter)

Russia's invasion force almost completely destroyed the city of Mariupol. (Photo:Palaezepa50/Twitter)

The Kremlin planned to destroy the Ukrainian city of Mariupol in advance, even before it launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine, the mayor of the Donetsk Oblast, Vadym Boychenko, wrote on Telegram on July 5.

The mayor noted that the Russians had presented a so-called plan for the recovery of the city back in March, and it would have been technically impossible to prepare  such a plan so quickly.

"As early as March 24, there was information about the restoration (of the city, even) when active fighting was still going on,” said Boychenko.

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“It’s impossible to prepare such a technical document with high quality in a short period of time – it takes months. This shows that it was developed even before the start of hostilities. Thus, the destruction of Mariupol and the mass murder of its inhabitants was part of the Moscow regime's plans."

The mayor described the brutal destruction of the city and the killing of civilians a case of genocide "by the world's main exporter of terrorism."

The port city of Mariupol was besieged by Russian invasion forces for more than four months. The actions of the Russian military have led to a large-scale humanitarian disaster. The invaders bombed the city's residential quarters and civilian infrastructure and blocked the sending of humanitarian aid, with at least 25,000 residents being killed in the siege.

Boychenko earlier said that due to problems with the water supply, the city is at risk of an outbreak of infectious diseases, and more than 10,000 people may die by the end of the year.

The invaders recently began preparations for the demolition of the high-rise buildings they had destroyed without clearing the rubble or any human remains, at the same time evicting the residents.

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