Russia plans to hold “referendum” in Kherson on annexation by the fall

8 June, 01:23 PM
Kherson (Photo:Ihor Kolykhayev/Facebook)

Kherson (Photo:Ihor Kolykhayev/Facebook)

The Kremlin has told the Russian occupation authorities in Kherson they have until this fall to organize and rig a “referendum” on “joining” Russia, the head of the regional administration, Hennadiy Lahuta, said during an interview on Ukrainian TV on June 7.

According to Lahuta, the Kremlin deputy chief-of-staff conveyed these instructions at a recent meeting with local collaborators at Kherson’s administrative building complex. He gave them a mandate to “organize a referendum on including Kherson into the Russian Federation by autumn.”

“That’s their latest decision – initially they mulled on declaring a ‘republic,’ including (Kherson) into Crimea; now it’s about joining Russia,” said Lahuta.

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Meanwhile, Ukraine maintains its armed forces will liberate the region from Russian occupation, whatever plans Moscow might have for it:

“The only appeal that can be prepared by the ‘Gauleiters’ of Kherson Oblast is a request for an excuse (pardon) after a court verdict,” said Mykhailo Podolyak, an advisor to the Office of the President of Ukraine, in a Twitter post on May 11.

“The invaders (might as well) ask to join Mars or Jupiter; the Ukrainian army will liberate Kherson, no matter what word games they play.”

On June 1, Lahuta said that Ukrainian forces have liberated over 20 settlements in the region.

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