Russia to use Central Asian migrants to replenish ranks of Armed Forces, reports National Resistance Center

23 April, 06:30 PM
Russian military (Photo:Міноборони РФ/Telegram)

Russian military (Photo:Міноборони РФ/Telegram)

Russia is pressuring migrants from Central Asian countries into signing up for the Russian military in Russia’s war against Ukraine, Ukraine’s National Resistance Center reported on April 23.

One of the methods used by Russia is a fast-track to citizenship — with a caveat.

“Almost immediately after receiving a passport, [the migrants] receive a summons and during the conversation with the commissar, they are threatened with deprivation of citizenship if they avoid mobilization,” the report said.

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Another method of coercion concerns those who have not yet received a passport. They are promised citizenship in the shortest possible time if they join the ranks of the Russian Armed Forces. At the same time, if they refuse, they face the threat of deportation.

According to the NRC, Russia has turned to these tactics due to the dissatisfaction of families of Russian military personnel regarding delays in payments for the deceased. Mobilizing migrants is intended to reassure ethnic Russians about new waves of mobilization.

“In this way, the Kremlin continues its strategy of using residents of poor regions and less privileged people as cannon fodder against Muscovites,” National Resistance Center concluded.

UK intelligence services have reported that the Russian Ministry of Defense has launched a new large-scale campaign to recruit volunteers. Advertising has appeared on Russian social networks, billboards, and television.

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