Russia recruiting mercenaries in Balkans

6 January, 09:02 PM
Russian occupants in Omsk (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Malgavko)

Russian occupants in Omsk (Photo:REUTERS/Alexey Malgavko)

The Balkans have become a major region for Moscow to recruit mercenaries to bolster the ranks of its military, Ukraine’s Center of National Resistance said in a message on its website on Jan. 6.

According to the report, one of the recruiters is Dejan Beric – a Serbian national living in Russia. He is a former mercenary who previously fought in Ukraine, back in 2014.

Another Serb, Zhika Radojic, is a well-known soldier-for-hire, who is now participating in a Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

CNR reiterated that being foreign citizens does not absolve combatants from the responsibility of participating in an illegal invasion of a sovereign state.

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Earlier, Russian news outlet Vazhnyie Istorii reported that since the end of September 2022, the Russian Ministry of Defense has been recruiting convicts to participate in the invasion of Ukraine.

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