Russia released footage of Ukrainian POW execution for intimidation, Kyiv says

8 March, 12:02 AM
One of the many symbolic illustrations of a Ukrainian prisoner of war who was shot (Photo:Sergey Koshman / Facebook)

One of the many symbolic illustrations of a Ukrainian prisoner of war who was shot (Photo:Sergey Koshman / Facebook)

The Russian military has deliberately released and spread the video footage of unarmed Ukrainian POW being executed in cold blood, in order to intimidate Ukrainians, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence spokesman Andriy Yusov told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on March 7.

Yusov stressed that the prisoner of war was unarmed and was under the legal protection of the Geneva Convention.

“Here is another illustration of who we are dealing with,” said Yusov.

“He was actually killed after (saying) the slogan ‘Glory to Ukraine.’ This is yet another manifestation of the genocidal war and the aggressor's policy of genocide.”

Video of day

Yusov added that Russians deliberately recorded the apparent crime and deliberately made the footage public. According to him, Russian troops and their commanders are not ashamed of these acts of genocide.

“This is done to raise the level of hatred towards Ukrainians inside the country, and to intimidate the Ukrainians themselves,” Yusov added.

“But as in all other cases, with the so-called blitzkrieg, or missile strikes – these things only unite the Ukrainians.”

Yusov noted that the search for the perpetrators of this crime is already underway, adding that this is an "matter of honor."

On March 6, a video of the execution of an unarmed Ukrainian prisoner of war after he utters the phrase “Glory to Ukraine” spread on social media. It’s unclear when or where the footage was taken.

According to Ukraine’s Defense Ministry, the dead soldier is Tymofiy Shadura, a member of the 30th Separate Mechanized Brigade. He has been considered missing in action since Feb. 3, 2023, after fighting near Bakhmut, Donetsk Oblast.

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