Russia running out of Iranian kamikaze drones

7 February, 10:26 PM
Russia is waiting for a new batch of Shahed drones (Photo:REUTERS/Roman Petushkov)

Russia is waiting for a new batch of Shahed drones (Photo:REUTERS/Roman Petushkov)

Russia has almost used up its second batch of Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones, military expert from Information Resistance group, Oleksandr Kovalenko, said in an interview with NV on Feb. 7.

“When it comes to Shahed 131/136, the Russians are finishing the use of Iranian drones from the second batch,” said Kovalenko.

“There are less than fifty of them left. So, if we talk about the next Russian strike, then the question arises, whether Shahed 131/136 be involved in it? And in what quantity if so? If they are actually used, then, in my opinion, it will be no more than 20-30 units.”

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Kovalenko also believes that if Russia doesn’t use Shahed drones during the next missile strike, this means that the batch is already gone.

“The third shipment will arrive sometime in late February or early March,” the analyst added.

On Feb. 2, Ukraine’s Operational Command South spokesperson Natalia Humeniuk said Russia was preparing a new attack using Iranian Shahed drones.

“We saw activity of transport aviation supplying a new batch (of drones); it's highly likely they are gearing up for new waves of attacks,” said Humeniuk.

On Feb. 6, Ukrainian Defense Intelligence spokesman Vadym Skibitsky said that Russia had used about 660 Iranian Shahed kamikaze drones and would receive a new batch in the near future.

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