Russia’s missile stockpile is critically low, claims Ukrainian intelligence

10 March, 05:20 PM
Russian stocks of many types of missile weapons are

Russian stocks of many types of missile weapons are "critically low" (Photo:Командування Повітряних Сил ЗСУ)

Russia's stockpiles of various missile types are "critically low", Ukrainian military intelligence spokesperson Andriy Yusov said on national television on March 10.

"They have 7% of Kalibr missiles left, compared to before the full-scale invasion began,”Yusov said.

"Even their production (of missiles) couldn't help them to make up for their losses.”

He noted that Russia is looking for any possible ways to circumvent sanctions on advanced Western technology needed to create precision-guided munitions, in particular smuggling and "gray" import schemes for spare parts used in military industry.

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Ukrainian authorities reported that the March 9 Russian mass missile and drone attack showed a significant shortage of missiles, due to the large mix of missile types used in the attacks.

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