Russia’s creation of new ‘elite’ attack aviation group most likely propaganda, UA Air Force says

25 May, 02:41 PM
Su-34 (Photo:Vladislav Perminov/flickr)

Su-34 (Photo:Vladislav Perminov/flickr)

Russia’s alleged creation of a new “elite” attack aviation groupcode-named ‘Shtorm’ is most likely propaganda, said Ukrainian Air Force spokesperson Yuriy Ihnat, on Ukrainian national television on May 25.

Russia is highly likely creating the new Shtorm “elite” attack aviation group to operate in Ukraine, the UK Ministry of Defense reported on May 22.

The unit is likely to consist of at least one squadron of Su-24 Fencer and Su-34 Fullback fighter-bombers, and a squadron of attack helicopters, said UK intelligence.

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About 20-30 Russian aircraft are actually in the air every day, so there is no practical sense to create such an aviation group, said Ihnat.

“I don’t understand why,” he said.

“Perhaps in terms of media. Perhaps they want to move the decision-making levels to the center to plan their operations more quickly. We can only make various assumptions. I think this is probably more for propaganda purposes.”

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