Russia’s incessant shelling of Kherson ‘aims to put psychological pressure on Ukrainian civilians’

13 January, 07:34 PM
Russian troops are hitting the civilian and critical infrastructure of Kherson (Photo:Anna Voitenko/Reuters)

Russian troops are hitting the civilian and critical infrastructure of Kherson (Photo:Anna Voitenko/Reuters)

Russia’s incessant shelling of the city of Kherson has no military objective,but has the aim of putting psychological pressure on people not only in the recently liberated city, but those in areas Russia still occupies as well, a military spokesperson has said.

Commenting on the Russian attacks on Kherson on Ukrainian national television on Jan. 13, the head of the joint press center of the Tavria axis of the Defense Forces, Yevhen Yerin, said that the situation in Kherson Oblast continues to be difficult.

Yerin stressed that the shelling of Kherson makes no military sense for the Russians. Instead, it is a means of placing psychological pressure on Ukrainian civilians.

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"This pressure is not only on Kherson residents, but also on those people who are in the temporarily occupied territories and who are waiting for the return of Ukrainian authorities and have a pro-Ukrainian position,” he said.

“The enemy wants to show: ‘Look what happened to Kherson, it will happen to you if (Ukraine’s) Armed Forces come here’.”

The Russian army regularly attacks both Kherson Oblast and the oblast’s main city.

After Russian attacks on New Year's Eve, Kherson was left without electricity. As a result of shelling in the early hours of Jan. 1, one person was killed and another wounded.

In the city, the buildings of the regional children's hospital were damaged in attacks, with about seven hits being recorded. More than 700 windows in the hospital were broken.

On Jan. 5, Russian troops struck a fire station in Kherson. Earlier on the same day, Russian shelling of the central part of the city killed an 18-year-old man.

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