Ukraine’s Air Force strikes 40 Russian strongholds, clusters: ammo dump, warplane, helicopter destroyed

7 September, 01:03 PM
Ukrainian pilots destroyed enemy targets (Photo:Air Force of the ZSU/Facebook)

Ukrainian pilots destroyed enemy targets (Photo:Air Force of the ZSU/Facebook)

The Air Force of the Ukrainian Armed Forces carried out 27 strikes on the Russian clusters of manpower and military equipment on Sept. 6, the press service of the General Staff reported on Facebook.

As a result of the work of Ukrainian pilots, almost 40 enemy strongholds were hit and an enemy ammunition depot was destroyed.

"The air defense units of our troops destroyed a Su-25 aircraft, a Ka-52 helicopter, a military drone, and five Kh-101 cruise missiles on various axes," the army command specified.

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The General Staff also clarified that overall, as a result of the strikes, damage was caused to seven control points and 13 clusters of enemy's manpower. Radar stations and communication stations, bridge and pontoon crossings, three warehouses of ammunition and fuel and lubricants of various levels were struck.

Thus, it was possible to significantly reduce the combat and logistical capabilities of the Russian troops.

The axes on which the blows were dealt are not named.

President Volodymyr Zelenskyy stated on Sept. 6 that active fighting is taking place almost along the entire front line. The Ukrainian Armed Forces are advancing on several sectors of the front line at once, and not solely in Kherson Oblast.

Later it emerged that the defenders of Ukraine had liberated several settlements in Kherson Oblast from the Russian forces, but their names have not yet been disclosed in order not to endanger the residents.

The head of state confirmed on Sept. 4 that the Ukrainian army had liberated a settlement in Donetsk Oblast and two more in the south. Before that, a photo of the Ukrainian flag above the hospital in Vysokopillia, Kherson Oblast, which had been occupied by Russians since March 13, was shared on social media.

The adviser of the President's Office, Oleksiy Arestovych, confirmed on Sept. 6 that the Ukrainian forces had also liberated Olhyne in Kherson Oblast.

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