Russia’s Wagner mercenary company ‘recruits cannibal’ for war against Ukraine

15 September, 10:58 PM
Wagnerʼs PMC recruited Russian prisoners, and give preference to murderers (Photo:Video screenshot markito0171/Twitter)

Wagnerʼs PMC recruited Russian prisoners, and give preference to murderers (Photo:Video screenshot markito0171/Twitter)

The head of Russia’s Wagner mercenary company Yevgeny Prigozhin has recruited a cannibal to send to war against Ukraine, the head of the Russia Behind Bars foundation, Olga Romanova, said on Sept. 14.

“They take everyone, no matter what they are in prison for,” said Romanova in a video on the “Popular Politics” YouTube channel.

“They took a maniac who, so to speak, has cannibalism in his portfolio. He was also sent to war.”

“But Prigozhin said they give preference to murderers and those who were engaged in robbery. They also take plenty of those who went to jail for causing grievous bodily harm. And now people who have been convicted of rape have begun to be taken, but they are in a separate detachment. We know two stories from the absolutely terrible Saratov prisons.”

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The human rights activist cites data according to which 7,000-10,000 prisoners have been recruited into the Wagner mercenary company.

According to her, in search of cannon fodder to make up for the colossal Russian losses in Ukraine, Prigozhin has to make more and more visits to recruit convicts. Sofar he has limited himself only to the regions of Central Russia.

“The northernmost part is Komi, Syktyvkar, the southernmost is Adygea, the easternmost is Tatarstan, the westernmost is the Pskov and Smolensk regions,” Romanova said.

Earlier, a video was published on social networks in which Prigozhin is seen recruiting mercenaries from among prisoners of the colony of the Mari El Republic, trying to select the most “strong” and “bold” among them.

“Your dead body will be taken to the place that you indicate in your will,” Prigozhin tells the convicts.

“Everyone (who dies) gets buried in (their hometown’s) alley of heroes, if there is one. After six months you can go home, having received a pardon. Those who want to stay with us – stay with us, so that you won’t have a chance of returning to the Zone (slang for prison).”

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