Russia says UK reconnaissance aircraft ‘violated its airspace’

17 August, 01:30 PM
British reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W Rivet Joint (Photo:Sgt Neil Bryden /

British reconnaissance aircraft RC-135W Rivet Joint (Photo:Sgt Neil Bryden /

The United Kingdom has denied claims by the Kremlin that a UK reconnaissance plane violated Russian airspace over the Barents Sea close to Norway and northern Russia.

A spokesman for the UK Ministry of Defense in a comment to U.S. cable news channel CNN on Aug. 16 said a UK Royal Air Force aircraft had conducted a regular operation in international airspace over the Norwegian and Barents Seas and later returned safely to base.

According to him, a Russian MiG-31 fighter conducted a dangerous interception of the British RC-135W Rivet Joint aircraft. The British plane was in contact with Russian civilian air traffic controllers and the crew acted professionally, the ministry spokesman said.

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The Russian Defense Ministry claimed that the British plane had "violated the air border" Russia in the area of Cape Svyatoy Nos, a headland that extends into the Barents Sea from the northern coast of the Kola Peninsula. It said the MiG-31 "forced it out."

In turn, Russian collaborator Sergei Tsekov, who calls himself a "senator" in Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea, claimed that the incident it was "a provocation and a 100% threat" to the Russian Federation.

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