Russia shells Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, housing damaged, cars burned

5 August, 02:23 PM
Russian forces shot nearly 40 at Nikopol (Photo:Валентин Резніченко/Telegram)

Russian forces shot nearly 40 at Nikopol (Photo:Валентин Резніченко/Telegram)

Russian troops shelled Dnipropetrovsk Oblast throughout the night, pounding Nikopol and Kryvyi Rih districts, the head of the oblast’s military administration Valentyn Reznichenko said on Telegram on Aug. 5.

Russia hit Nikopol twice from Grad rocket systems, with 40 projectiles landing in the city, he said.

"Up to ten private houses and commercial buildings were damaged,” Reznichenko said.

“A fire broke out at a local enterprise – a bus and several cars were destroyed. Fortunately, people were not injured."

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The official added that the enemy also fired a Kh-59 missile at the Myrove community. There is destruction of houses, and a gas pipeline has been broken. Early reports indicate no casualties.

The Kh-59 is a cruise missile that has been in service with the Russian military for over 40 years. It carries a 320-kilogram warhead and is launched from the air, guided to its target by an operator in the launching aircraft.

The oblast’s Kryvyi Rih District was hit by Uragan rocket systems and artillery rounds. The communities of Karpivka and Zelenodolsk came under enemy fire.

Russia is currently attacking Dnipropetrovsk Oblast every day with multiple rocket launchers and artillery, as well as conducting missile attacks.

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