Russia should be divided by US and China, argues political scientist

20 November 2022, 02:51 PM
Anti-Putin graffiti in Zurich, Switzerland (Photo:REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann)

Anti-Putin graffiti in Zurich, Switzerland (Photo:REUTERS/Arnd Wiegmann)

The United States and China should divide up Russia, political scientist Mykola Davydiuk said in an interview with Radio NV on Nov. 19.

"In the conditions that exist today, China and the United States should divide Russia in the proportions of their greatness, power — in order to pacify it, to make it the largest pacifist state in the world," Davydiuk said.

According to the political expert, not only Ukraine, but the whole world will be safe if the regime of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin were to be destroyed.

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"Ukraine will be able to continue working, because only the dismantling of the Putin regime will allow us to feel confident here,” Davydiuk said.

“Because even the absence of Putin, but not changing the system leaves the system. The son of (Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai) Patrushev will be tougher than Putin and Patrushev – everyone understands this. And (former Russian President Dmitry) Medvedev, (Moscow Mayor Sergei) Sobyanin, or anyone else who comes in, will be pondering revenge.

“Therefore, the United States and China, which are tearing Russia apart, are making it a truly pacifist state that will not have fascist ambitions. This is the goal for the world.”

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