Russia struggling to cope with Ukrainian resistance in occupied territories

15 April, 06:20 PM
Russian military (Photo:Міноборони РФ/Telegram)

Russian military (Photo:Міноборони РФ/Telegram)

Russian authorities are planning to develop a new strategy to fight Ukrainian guerrillas in the temporarily occupied territories because the current measures are not producing the desired results, the "Sprotyv" National Resistance Centre reported on 15 April.

The Defense Ministry’s department notes that FSB Director Alexander Bortnikov, ministers of the Russian security forces, and Russian General Staff chief Valery Gerasimov held a video conference to find new ways of putting pressure on the Ukrainian underground in the temporarily occupied territories.

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The stated purpose of the meeting was to improve counterterrorism activities in the field of education and youth, said the National Resistance Centre.

"What is more, the enemy intends to pay special attention to countering the so-called ‘ideology of terrorism and neo-Nazism’ among young people," the statement reads.

The Russians are, in fact, trying to come up with new ways to put pressure on Ukrainian partisans. After all, existing measures are hardly proving to be effective.

Occupation administrations intend to increase responsibility for disseminating pro-Ukrainian information and identifying cells of the resistance movement, the National Resistance Center said. At its meetings, the Russian administration continues to discuss the occupation policy of the aggressor state, which is aimed at eradicating the Ukrainian identity and imposing the ideology of the "Russian world" on Ukrainian youth.

Russia’s Defense Ministry added that Russians are afraid of the Ukrainian resistance, which is why they are increasingly putting these issues on the agenda, especially at meetings of law enforcement agencies.

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