Russia using abandoned homes in Kherson to house its troops, says Ukraine’s intelligence

10 May, 07:14 PM
The city of Kherson (

The city of Kherson (

Homeowners’ associations in several districts of the Russian-occupied city of Kherson are being compelled to compile lists of abandoned apartments for use in housing Russian troops and security service personnel, Ukraine’s Military intelligence Directorate said in a Telegram post on May 10.

The message also suggests that occupation authorities are increasing the number of checkpoints and patrols across the city.

“Locals are being told (by the Russians) that the Ukrainian armed forces will not advance towards Kherson, thereby compelling them to accept the reality of occupation and work with the ‘new government,’” the message reads.

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The report also warns that the “leader” of the so-called “Donetsk People’s Republic” recently arrived in Kherson ahead of potential anti-Ukraine provocations, and that Russia may be gearing up to formally recognize Kherson Oblast as Russian territory or an “independent” entity.

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