Russians using hospital as military base in Melitopol

13 August 2022, 05:00 PM
Melitopol (

Melitopol (

The Russian army set up a military base on the territory of a hospital in the center of occupied city of Melitopol in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, Melitopol Mayor Ivan Fedorov said on national TV on Aug. 12, according to independent Ukrainian news outlet Hromadske.

"Another military base has been placed on the territory of a hospital in the city of Melitopol, where they are hiding behind the backs of our civilian residents,” he stated.

“This is their standard practice when they use our people like this.”

Collaborator Yevgeny Balitsky, the so-called "head of the interim administration of the Zaporizhzhia Oblast", announced on Aug. 8 the preparation of occupied Melitopol for a "referendum" on joining Russia. This happened immediately after President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his address that any "referendums" held in the occupied territories would render negotiations with Moscow impossible.

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