Russia will see confrontation between military and politicians, says expert

15 September, 11:11 AM
Zhdanov: Putin has already begun to be accused of losing the war (Photo:Radio Svoboda)

Zhdanov: Putin has already begun to be accused of losing the war (Photo:Radio Svoboda)

Ukraine’s counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast has launched an irreversible process that will split the powers that be in Russia, military expert Oleg Zhdanov told Radio NV on Sept. 13.

According to Zhdanov, this defeat posed the question “who is to blame” to the Russian “elites.”

“There is a confrontation between the military and politicians,” he said.

“This is the main fissure, which is currently expanding at breakneck speed.”

Zhdanov said he did not rule out that changes at the helm of the aggressor state could be the consequences of this political turbulence.

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“If in the near future, in a few weeks, Putin does not reveal some mutiny among the generals and does not start disturbances with the chief of the General Staff, then after the same period of time the generals may turn on Putin,” the expert said.

“They have already started blaming him for losing this war. And there is still a wave of parliamentary démarche: the deputies of local councils are starting call on Putin to resign, because ‘we’re not going to go that way.’”

According to Zhdanov, prolonging this process is in any case not in Putin’s favor.

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