Activist detained in Urals city with poster decrying Kherson retreat — video footage

12 November 2022, 04:22 PM
National Bolshevik cut her hand, saying that this blood is on the conscience of Vladimir Putin (

National Bolshevik cut her hand, saying that this blood is on the conscience of Vladimir Putin (

Olga Siutkina, a member of Russia’s ultranationalist Nazbol movement and a supporter of Russia's war against Ukraine, was detained in the Russian city of Perm while carrying out a solo picket on Nov. 11, a pro-Kremlin channel on Telegram reported on the same day. 

She was holding a poster, saying: "Kherson is surrendered, Moscow is the next," to express her fury over Russian troops' withdrawal from the Ukrainian city of Kherson, which had been occupied by Russian invasion forces.

When police approached her, she suddenly cut her arm, saying: "This is the blood of Russian people."

Video of day

“Putin, Shoigu (Russia's defense minister), (Sergey) Surovikin (the Russian general currently in command in Ukraine) — you are responsible for this bloodshed. We will not forgive you!” she cried out before being arrested.

A similar picket took place earlier in Moscow, Russia’s capital city, where a sole protestor came to the Kremlin walls with a poster reading: “You traitors — you've f**ked it all up.”

Russia's Defence Ministry reported about the complete withdrawal of Russian troops from the areas near Kherson. The news was met by public anger in Russia, where many people support the war and the occupation of Ukrainian territory.

Meanwhile, Kherson locals shared pictures on social media showing Russian troops who had been left behind trying to get dressed in civilian clothes to disguise themselves and escape captivity.

As of today, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already retaken a number of towns and villages in the south of Ukraine, including Snihurivka, Bruskinske, Borozenske, and Kyselivka.

Ukraine’s army continues advancing to liberate Russian-occupied territories, the Ukrainian military says.

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