Russian strategic bomber hits Mykolayiv Oblast with four cruise missiles

3 June, 01:41 PM
Consequences of the Russian shelling in the Donetsk oblast on May 28, 2022 (illustrative photo) (Photo:REUTERS/Ana Kudriyivtseva)

Consequences of the Russian shelling in the Donetsk oblast on May 28, 2022 (illustrative photo) (Photo:REUTERS/Ana Kudriyivtseva)

The Russian military has carried out another attack on Ukraine’s Mykolayiv Oblast, hitting the region with four cruise missiles, the South Operational Command of Ukraine’s Armed Forces reported on June 2.

“Mykolayiv Oblast became a target of a massive missile attack (from) a strategic bomber aircraft.,” the command reported on Facebook.

“The enemy used four cruise missiles to hit a previously damaged railway bridge close to the village of Tryhaty.”

Tryhaty lies on the banks of the Southern Bug river, to the north of the city of Mykolaiv.

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Besides the railway bridge, Russians also attacked the Black Sea coastal zone of Mykolayiv Oblast and some of the reserve positions where Ukrainian army had its troops.

“Obviously, the enemy is trying to increase psychological pressure – both on the civilians and defensive divisions, so they would reduce their counteroffensive actions,” wrote the South Operational Command’s press service.

Earlier, Vitaliy Kim, head of Mykolayiv Oblast Military Administration, said that Russian invasion forces operating in the southern region were destroying the bridges during their own retreat, as they fear the Ukrainian army’s counteroffensive operation.

Ukrain’s southern region has three major cities – Odesa, Mykolayiv and Kherson. The Russians managed to occupy Kherson, but their naval attack on Odesa was unsuccessful. For many weeks the enemy has been pressuring Mykolayiv, disrupting the normal life in the city. At one point, there was no running water in Mykolayiv for more than a month.

As of now, the Ukrainian army is successfully carrying out a defensive operation near Mykolayiv, and a counter-offensive operation is ongoing in Kherson Oblast. Meanwhile, in neighboring Zaporizhzhya Oblast, Ukrainian partisans are continuing to attack and harass the Russian invaders.

Ukraine’s southern region is economically important as it has several major seaports, maritime facilities and agriculture business. By occupying this region, the Russian army is undermining Ukraine’s export routes and preventing overall economic recovery.

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