Russian munitions found hidden in schools in liberated Mykolaiv Oblast

16 November 2022, 06:18 PM
Russian ammo found hidden in schools in Mykolaiv Oblast (

Russian ammo found hidden in schools in Mykolaiv Oblast (

Ukraine's SBU security service revealed that it discovered Russian weapons caches in liberated portions of Mykolaiv Oblast, the SBU press service said on Nov. 16.

The caches contained hundreds of anti-tank weapons, artillery shells, and combat grenades, the SBU reported. Additional caches containing explosions were also discovered inside social facilities, such as hospitals and schools.

During a large-scale operation in the recently liberated town of Snihurivka, Bashtanka district, SBU officers found the following ordnance in two days alone:

  • more than 200 tank shells
  • more than 100 mines
  • eight artillery shells and ammunition for an autocannon
  • 15 rounds for anti-tank missile systems
  • 13 F-1 combat grenades
  • four units of automatic weapons, including machine guns
  • more than 15,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers.

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The enemy built the caches to create a reserve for Russian occupation groupings and conduct sabotage in Ukraine’s south, the SBU said.

The seized munitions were handed over to the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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