Russian army constantly reinforces own troops in Kharkiv Oblast – Azov

15 June, 12:04 PM
Azov fighters (

Azov fighters (

The Russian army is continuing to reinforce troop units in Kharkiv Oblast, although it has failed to make any serious advances in the region with Ukraine’s troops successfully defending their own positions.

The situation in the north-eastern oblast, which has Ukraine’s second-biggest city, was described by Kostyantyn Nemichev, head of staff at Kraken special regiment within the Azov Regiment, during an appearance on Kyiv’s Espresso a television channel.

“They do understand that they’re losing their fighting capabilities, losing their personnel, so that’s why the enemy is reinforcing its own positions in the north,” Nemichev said, speaking of Russian forces.

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“New battalions arrive here and they try to advance. But we’re keeping our positions defended. If you take the Izyum area, closer to Stary Saltiv, there you have Russian troops being reinforced too. But our Armed Forces are there, defending their positions, pushing away all the attacks and then trying to do counter-offensives.”

Nemichev added that Russia is regularly deploying more troops to the Izyum area, including mostly professional servicemen, while the number of forcefully drafted recruits from the so-called “Donetsk and Luhansk People’s Republics” is smaller now.

However, even this still is not enabling the Russian army to expand the territories it controls, he said.

Nemichev said that his regiment has lost a substantial amount of drones in Kharkiv Oblast as Russians keep targeting them in the skies. However, Azov still does intelligence work in the skies, as it allows Ukrainian artillery to have better precision, he said.

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