Russian attempt to plant spy in International Court of Justice had two goals, says Kuleba

5 January, 05:56 PM
Dmytro Kuleba (Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine / Facebook)

Dmytro Kuleba (Photo:Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine / Facebook)

Russia tried to plant a spy at the International Court of Justice in The Hague in order to gain access to the court’s information and be able to influence the body’s decisions, Foreign Minister of Ukraine, Dmytro Kuleba, said in an interview with Arabic channel Al Aan TV on Jan. 4.

The Ukrainian foreign minister said Russia was reaching across the globe, trying to interfere in the work of international organizations and bribe experts and opinion leaders.

“This is not an isolated case. Russian intelligence is trying to penetrate various institutions trying to put on a payroll experts and opinion leaders in many countries of the world, it’s not only about international institutions and Western countries, and Russia is doing it to turn the tide of the public perception in their favor, but they’re failing,” Kuleba said.

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“I think that Russia was pursuing two goals. The first one was to get access to information, to files, to see what kind of information the ICJ possesses and then to work with it accordingly. And second, of course, was the more ambitious task of influencing the position of the ICJ from the inside,” Ukraine’s top diplomat said.

On June 16, the Dutch intelligence service exposed a Russian who had tried to enter the International Court of Justice in The Hague under a false name.

He tried to enter the Netherlands as a Brazilian citizen to do an internship at the court in April.

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