Russian attempts to simplify missile production failing, Ukrainian intelligence says

6 February, 02:59 PM
Russia ‘facing significant problems with the production of missiles’ (Photo:Air Force)

Russia ‘facing significant problems with the production of missiles’ (Photo:Air Force)

Russia is still producing missiles, but the attempts to carry out import substitution and simplify production means that these are “not the same” weapons, Ukrainian Military Intelligence spokesman Vadym Skibitskyi said in a statement on Feb. 6.

According to the official, the Ukrainian side, together with international partners, is trying to block the supply channels of components for Russia.

“The enemy understands this and is currently trying to carry out import substitution, but we know that it will be extremely difficult for them to achieve real results in this direction, and sometimes even impossible,” he said.

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“In general, the enemy is trying to simplify the production of weapons.”

Skibitskyi added the simplification of production concerns primarily high-precision weapons and as a result, “it already ceases to be high-precision.”

“If they don’t have certain Western-made components, they just simplify the control system, the navigation system, etc. Yes, it’s a powerful missile, but it doesn’t match the previous characteristics.”

He said Russia is facing significant problems with the production of missiles. For example, while earlier they produced around 200 missiles a year on average, depending on the type, now they can produce four Iskander missiles a month.

Skibitskyi added that Russia could produce 20-30 Kh-101 missiles a month, but this depends on the stocks of foreign components, of which there are very few left in Russia.

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