Russian, Belarusian spies trying to recruit officials in Latvia’s border regions – State Security Service

10 July, 12:40 PM
Latvian military (

Latvian military (

The Russian and Belarusian intelligence services are attempting to recruit officials in the border regions where NATO forces are deployed, the State Security Service of Latvia or VDD believes, Latvian news website Delfi reported on July 9.

The VDD said Russian and Belarusian security services have always been interested in recruiting Latvian state and municipal officials who have information about state secrets or other data with limited access.

Now, according to an analysis by the VDD, the intelligence services of Russia and Belarus are particularly interested in the reaction by Latvia and its allies to Russia’s full-scale invasion of Ukraine – and in particular the build-up of military forces on their borders with NATO countries.

Видео дня

The two aggressor countries are also interested in any information about the border regions of Latvia that would be useful for updating operational plans in case the situation escalates into a wider military conflict.

In addition, the security services of Russia and Belarus aim to recruit local government officials near the eastern borders of the country, where the forces of the allied countries are deployed.

As reported, the Ministry of Defense of Latvia has announced its intention to expand conscription in the country to include women and members of the diaspora, and has drawn up a plan for introducing innovations in the country’s defense forces.

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