Russian Black Sea Fleet withdrawn 200km away from Ukraine’s shores

19 April, 12:59 PM
Black Sea (Photo:Dumska)

Black Sea (Photo:Dumska)

Moscow has pulled its naval forces at least 200 kilometers away from Ukrainian shores, even though maritime trade routes remain blocked, Ukraine’s Operational Command South said on April 18.

This comes nearly a week after the sinking of the Russian Black Sea flagship, the Moskva, an Atlant-class guided missile cruiser, by Ukrainian forces using Ukrainian-developed Neptune antiship missiles, which have an operational range of 300 km.

Much of Moskva’s crew complement of 510 remain missing, and the Russian military is speculated to have heavily overstated survivors from the vessel. According to a UK newspaper The Guardian, relatives of the sailors onboard have been unable to locate over three hundred members of the ship’s crew.

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The Mosvka sinking represents the the first Russian flagship loss since the sinking of the Knyaz Suvorov battleship in the Battle of Tsushima against Japan in 1905.

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