Russian drone attacks becoming more frequent, Ukraine’s Air Force says

3 April, 11:49 PM
Shahed drone (Photo:REUTERS/Roman Petushkov)

Shahed drone (Photo:REUTERS/Roman Petushkov)

The Russian military has increased the frequency of kamikaze drone attacks on Ukraine, launching Iranian-made Shahed drones from Bryansk Oblast, Ukrainian Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ihnat told Ukrainian TV broadcasters on April 3.

"Usually it is (in Russia’s) Bryansk Oblast, near the Seshcha airfield; they are launched in small batches of 10-15 UAVs of this type," said Ihnat.

He clarified that is Moscow’s tactic of scouting out Ukraine’s air defense grid and depleting the supply of anti-air missiles.

According to him, most Shahed drones are taken down, by mobile fire groups armed with flak machine guns and MANPADS.

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The attacks usually happen at night, presenting an additional challenge to Ukraine’s defense forces – the mobile groups have to be armed with night vision devices, thermal imagers, and searchlights to help spot incoming targets.

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