Russian economy switching over to war footing, Ukraine’s intelligence says

14 January, 01:55 PM
Occupiers (Photo:HUR)

Occupiers (Photo:HUR)

Russia is preparing for a long-term war against Ukraine and is reorganizing its economy and the military-industrial complex, Ukraine’s Defense Intelligence reported on Telegram on Jan. 14.

The Main Intelligence Directorate, known by its Ukrainian acronym HUR, said that in this way Russia wants to strengthen the potential of the Russian military and create conditions for operations that it planned to carry out at the very beginning of the full-scale war in 2022.

The HUR added that the involvement of all Russian military resources in the war against Ukraine, as well as the recent appointment of the head of the Russian General Staff as the commander of the occupation forces in Ukraine, also testify to the military failures of the Kremlin.

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On Jan. 13, Ukrainian spies reported that Moscow was trying to create a two-million-strong army and form strategic reserves.

Besides, Ukraine’s intel does not rule out that the Russian leadership will soon announce another wave of mobilization, with perhaps 500,000 Russian men being called up.

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