Russian Embassy in Sweden posts map with Crimea as part of Ukraine

18 January, 12:10 PM
The map compares alleged average fuel prices in Europe (

The map compares alleged average fuel prices in Europe (

To the delight of Ukrainians and their supporters, the Russian Embassy in Sweden published a map of Russia on its Twitter page on Jan. 17 on which Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Crimea was correctly shown as part of Ukraine.

The map compares the average fuel prices in Europe (without indicating the data source), Ukraine is depicted in its internationally recognized borders, including Crimea, the country’s southern peninsula, which has been under Russian military occupation since early 2014.

Neither does the map portray Russia’s claimed annexation of four Ukrainian regions in September 2022, after the start of a full-scale war.

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Later, the diplomatic service of Russia published a “new map”, where Zaporizhzhya and Kherson, which are not fully occupied, were falsely marked as Russian territories.

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