Russian forces have not attempted any new offensives over the past day, says Ukraine’s General Staff

20 March 2022, 02:17 PM

 Russian invading forces did not launch any significant offensives over the past day, and as of 6000 on March 20, the general military situation remains largely unchanged, Ukraine’s General Staff said in its daily update on Facebook.

Instead of embarking on offensives, Russian troops remained focused on replenishing their formations, repairing damaged equipment, deploying foreign mercenaries near Ukraine’s borders, and grappling with persistent logistical issues that have plagued the invading army since the start of their war.

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The Russian army is resorting to terror tactics in their attempts to establish coercive policing in the areas of Ukraine they temporarily control, and are systematically engineering humanitarian crises there, reports the General Staff.

A convoy of 14 trucks, laden with food and medical supplies, was halted by the Russians en route from Dnipro oblast to Kherson. This indicates that Moscow is attempting to coerce civilians in Kherson Oblast into submission, the General Staff said.

According to the General Staff, only one surviving soldier remains of Russia’s 331nd paratrooper platoon – one of the units that were engaged in fighting near Kyiv – and even he is currently in hospital.

“At the same time, commanders of the Russian Black Sea Fleet are urgently replacing 130 soldiers of the 801th marine brigade with paratroopers from the 7th assault division; their further service is to be determined by the FSB,” the General Staff’s message said.

Additionally, Russia is attempting to replenish the forces of its 1st Army Corp by proceeding with the mobilization declared in the areas of Donetsk Oblast under Moscow’s yoke. The “mobilization” now includes men as old as 65. Similar initiatives are likely being planned for Luhansk Oblast as well.

In the last 24 hours, Ukraine's anti-air defenses have shot down three Russian military helicopters.

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