Russian forces kill six civilians in Kherson Oblast in 24 hours, including 12-year-old boy

6 January, 12:42 PM
Russia continues shelling of civilian areas in liberated part of Kherson Oblast (Photo:State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

Russia continues shelling of civilian areas in liberated part of Kherson Oblast (Photo:State Emergency Service of Ukraine)

Invading Russian forces shelled the territory of Kherson Oblast 58 times with artillery, rockets, mortars and tanks on Jan. 5, head of Kherson Oblast Military Administration, Yaroslav Yanushevych, wrote on Telegram on Jan. 6.

“Kherson was attacked by the Russian army 14 times – the residential quarters of the city (of Kherson) came under enemy fire. Enemy shells hit a fire station, private houses and apartment buildings,” he wrote.

As a result of Russian shelling across the region, six people died during the day, and four more sustained injuries of varying degrees of severity.

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Among the dead is a 12-year-old boy, who was killed by the enemy together with his family during the Russian shelling of Beryslav, a town on the right bank of the Dnipro River in Kherson Oblast

Invading Russian forces in Ukraine have regularly attacked the liberated part of Kherson Oblast since retreating across the Dnipro River in early November. The Russians shell liberated towns in the oblast from positions across the Dnipro.

Russian forces held most of Kherson Oblast for about nine months, before being forced to retreat by a Ukrainian army offensive in the south of the country.

Earlier, Ukraine launched a lightning counter-offensive in Kharkiv Oblast in the north-east of the country, liberating most of the region in a matter of a few days.

Meanwhile, in early October Russia launched a campaign to destroy Ukraine’s civilian infrastructure with missiles and suicide drones. The Kremlin hopes that by denying Ukrainian civilians heating, power and water during winter, the government in Kyiv will come under pressure to seek a ceasefire.

Russia desperately needs a ceasefire to rebuild its army, which has been mauled by 10 months of fighting in Ukraine.

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