Russian authorities threaten to deny compensation for relatives of Moskva sailors, says Ukrainian intelligence

7 June, 08:07 PM
Russian Black Sea flagship cruiser Moskva before it was sunk by the Ukrainian Neptune missiles (Photo:REUTERS/Desmond Boylan)

Russian Black Sea flagship cruiser Moskva before it was sunk by the Ukrainian Neptune missiles (Photo:REUTERS/Desmond Boylan)

The families of sailors from the Moskva cruiser are being forced to keep silent about their dead relatives, reported the Main Directorate of Intelligence of Ukraine (HUR) on June 7.

HUR claims that social tension among the relatives of the Russians who died on the flagship of the Russian Black Sea, the cruiser Moskva, sunk by Ukraine on April 14, continues to grow.

“According to the military intelligence of Ukraine, the main goal of the group is to make it impossible to leak information about the dead and missing invaders-conscripts,” reads the report.

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A group of psychologists, medical workers, and lawyers are trying to persuade relatives not to communicate with anyone about their sons and husbands who served on the cruiser, added HUR. If people refuse, they are threatened with denial of compensation and criminal prosecution.

“In Sevastopol, during the meeting between the commander of the Black Sea Fleet and the relatives of the dead sailors, the building of the fleet officers was guarded by the military police, and the commander himself was accompanied by a group of special forces,” stated the intelligence office.

According to HUR, some of the relatives didn’t come to the meeting with fleet command as a sign of protest.

On April 13, the Armed Forces of Ukraine attacked the Moskva missile cruiser, the flagship of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. The ship was hit by a Ukrainian Neptune missile and was seriously damaged. On the evening of April 14, the Russian Defense Ministry admitted that the cruiser had sunk.

After the news of the sinking of the cruiser spread, the relatives of the sailors began to seek information about survivors.

Dmitry Shkrebetz, the father of one of the deceased sailors, accused the Russian Defense Ministry of lying about what happened to the ship. His wife told independent Russian news outlet The Insider that she visited the hospital where the wounded sailors were brought from the cruiser. According to her, there were about 200 injured sailors. In total, according to the mother of the missing sailor, there were more than 500 people on the ship.

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