Russian Grads kill at least 4 evacuees at the Kakhovka reservoir in southern Ukraine

8 April, 06:44 PM
The occupiers fired on people from Grad systems (Photo:ТSN)

The occupiers fired on people from Grad systems (Photo:ТSN)

Russian invaders used a Grad multiple rocket launch system to fire on a boat evacuating people from the shore of the Kakhovka reservoir, in the southern half of the Dnipro river, said head of the military administration of Kryvyi Rih, Oleksandr Vilkul, during a briefing late on April 7.

“(On April 7), at about 10 am, orcs on the banks of the Kakhovka reservoir near the recreation center Svitanok in Maryanske, Kryvyi Rih district, shot at a boat that was sailing from Pervomayivka in Kherson Oblast, in order to evacuate people from the occupied part of the Kherson Oblast,” he recounted.

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“They shot the water with Grads at a distance of 70 meters from the shore. There were 14 people on the boat. Three children and 11 adults. Two adult men and a woman died immediately. A 13-year-old child died a little later. Seven people are in the hospital and two went missing. This was the seventh voyage of this boat. Scum! They knew very well that there were civilians there. But they shot them with rockets. Just because the people there wanted to live.” 

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