Russian helicopter wreck dredged up near Kyiv

2 June, 05:11 PM
Russian military helicopter (

Russian military helicopter (

The wreckage of a Russian military helicopter, which was shot down during the opening days of the full-scale Russian invasion, has been lifted from the bottom of Kyiv Aquifer, Operational Command North said in a Telegram post on June 2.

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events on June 2

“(The helicopter) sought to assault (our) capital, but ended up at the bottom of Kyiv Aquifer,” the message reads.

“One of the Russian helicopters, downed by our guys at the very beginning of the invasion, has been removed from there.”

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It was noted that the aircraft’s crew “had become food for the fish.”

The wreck now symbolizes the “might” of “the world’s second army.”

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