Russian insurgents publish new video of their Belgorod Oblast raid

26 May, 08:56 PM
Russian soldiers hide during a raid by RDC and Legion of Freedom fighters (Photo:video screenshot / Legion Freedom of Russia / Telegram)

Russian soldiers hide during a raid by RDC and Legion of Freedom fighters (Photo:video screenshot / Legion Freedom of Russia / Telegram)

The Freedom of Russia Legion published new footage of their recent incursion into Russia’s Belgorod Oblast, which shows Russian troops scatter under fire and run for cover. The video was posted on Telegram on May 26.

According to the legion's Telegram channel, the video "demonstrates the cowardice and unprofessionalism of Putin's troops". Despite the fact that Russian soldiers had a numerical advantage and operated on familiar territory, they were "panicking and hiding in gardens and under fences," according to the fighters.

Video of day

The video includes shots of a motorized rifle platoon hiding in abandoned residential buildings of local residents.

"They wanted to play hide and seek, but our artillerymen play better," the message said.

The fighters also showed footage of destroyed and damaged Russian military equipment, promising that "everything is just beginning."

The RDK and the Legion previously reported that during the raid they went 42 km deep into Russia and controlled some settlements in the Belgorod region for a day. According to them, they lost two people killed and ten more were wounded.

On May 25, RDK fighters announced that they had again entered Russian territory.

On May 22, the Freedom of Russia Legion announced that it, along with the Russian Volunteer Corps (RVC), had "completely liberated" the settlement of Kozinka in Belgorod Oblast, passed through the village of Gora-Podol, and contested the settlement of Grayvoron.

Deputy Defense Minister of Ukraine Hanna Malyar called the events a "predictable internal crisis."

By May 23, Russia claimed to have driven the insurrectionists back into Ukraine, restoring control over its border province.

The Freedom of Russia Legion is a unit within the Ukrainian Armed Forces, established in March 2022 to combat the Russian invasion of Ukraine, staffed with citizens of Russia and other post-Soviet republics.

The RVC was formed in August 2022, and is not formally affiliated with the Ukrainian military.

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