Russian invaders have failed the assault on Izyum, the creation of the ‘Kherson People’s Republic'

20 March, 05:00 PM
Destroyed tank of the Russian invaders (Photo:General Staff)

Destroyed tank of the Russian invaders (Photo:General Staff)

At midnight on March 20, the General Staff of Ukraine published a situation report about the front lines on the 25th day after the start of the Russian war against Ukraine.

“Ukraine's Defense Forces continue to conduct a defensive operation in the eastern, south-eastern and north-eastern directions. Measures of the martial law regime, stabilization actions, and territorial defense tasks are being carried out,” the General Staff said.

As of 00:00 a.m. March 20:

In the southern direction, the front line of defense has been restored along separate directions. The enemy has been forced to redeploy, deploy supplementary reserves, and take measures to restore the combat effectiveness of its depleted units.

Видео дня

In the Donetsk direction, the Russian invaders are conducting assault operations and shelling.

In Volyn and Polissia directions, the enemy has not taken active actions.

There are also no offensive operations in the Siverskyi and Slobozhanskyi directions.

In the direction of Izyum, the enemy tried to break through the defenses of Ukrainian troops, but was unsuccessful; the invader's assault units were destroyed.

The Russian military commandant's office in the Russian city of Belgorod is investigating 10 Russian servicemen who participated in the attack on Kharkiv, but due to heavy losses taken by the unit, refused to participate in hostilities and incited the rest to return home.

The head of the 652nd Group of Information and Psychological Operations of the Russian invasion force received a severe reprimand for his poor performance on the creation of the so-called “Kherson People's Republic”, a Russian puppet authority in the vein of the Donetsk and Luhansk puppet authorities.

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