Russian invaders held captive for a month Azerbaijani student who tried to flee Mariupol

21 April, 04:21 PM
Twenty-year-old Huseyn Abdullayev survived torture by Russian soldiers (

Twenty-year-old Huseyn Abdullayev survived torture by Russian soldiers (

For almost a month, Russian invaders tortured Azerbaijani student Huseyn Abdullayev, who was captured after leaving Mariupol, Ukrainian Human Rights Ombudsman Lyudmyla Denisova has said on Facebook.

She said that Abdullayev, who is a third-year student at Mariupol State University, was taken prisoner by Russian invaders as he attempted to leave the city on March 17. He had been helping volunteers in the city since the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. 

Russian troops abducted him at a checkpoint near Berdyansk, to the south-west of Mariupol, undressed him in order to look for tattoos, and took him to a detention center in handcuffs.

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“Abdullayev repeatedly emphasized that he was Azerbaijani and showed documents, but the invaders, using electric shocks, tried to get him to falsely confess that he was a soldier of the Azov Regiment,” Denisova said.

The electric shock torture was stopped only five or six days before agreement was reached on his release, but inhuman beatings continued until the Russians let him go, Denisova said.

The student said he heard gunshot sounds and screams from other cells where people were being tortured.

“They (tortured me) every day. On March 21, it was my birthday and I was tortured all day long… As a rule, the electric shock torture lasted 20-30 minutes, and they beat for an hour. The torture was repeated three times a day. Sometimes I fainted, cold water was poured on me and I continued to be tortured,” Abdullayev said in an interview with

He also told how the Russian troops tortured other people who were taken prisoner with him:

“…Because a guy (volunteer) had a tattoo on his leg, they beat him so that his leg was very swollen,” Abdullayev said.

“He had heart problems, and had a heart attack – I tried to help him, but then I was beaten even harder. As a rule, they did not hit (people) in the face, but for some reason it did not apply to Edik Krostov. When we saw him, there wasn’t an untouched spot on him. Serhii Nazarov’s body was constantly electrocuted, and they videotaped it. 

Torture of civilians in the occupied territories is a war crime and a violation of the provisions of the Geneva Convention for the Protection of the Civilian Population in a Time of War, Denisova said.

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