Russian invaders in panic in Kherson Oblast, says political scientist

7 September, 03:52 PM
Russian units on the move about the area, scattered and mixed, maneuvering chaotically (Photo:43oabr / Facebook)

Russian units on the move about the area, scattered and mixed, maneuvering chaotically (Photo:43oabr / Facebook)

Invading Russian forces have been in panic in Kherson Oblast for the past few days, local political scientist Volodymyr Molchanov told Radio NV on Sept. 7.

 “There has been panic in the city of Kherson for several days,” he said.

“This is due to the fact that they (Russians) realize that their positions are known, (the Armed Forces) have stopped saving shells – Kherson can be hit even with artillery guns – they’re in range. They (the Russians) left their permanent bases where they had been comfortably settled. And now they’re traveling from place to place, changing locations. But since there are a lot of them, they have to stop somewhere anyway. Death from the sky, which is waiting for them, won’t bypass them.”

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Molchanov also talked about the tactics of the Russians.

“In general, they don’t use any military unit (brigade level and above) at one front sector,” he said.

“Everything is scattered and mixed. Therefore, they’re trying to chaotically maneuver with these reserves, but they’ll fail doing this now.”

According the U.S. Department of Defense, Ukrainian forces have liberated several settlements in the country’s south over the past few days.

As reported earlier, a group of invading Russian forces in the south of Ukraine has been videoed raising the white flag and surrendering.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy on Sept. 4 confirmed that Ukrainian defenders had liberated a settlement in Donetsk Oblast and another two in the south.

Prior to that, a photo was released of the Ukrainian flag above the hospital in the village of Vysokopillia in Kherson Oblast, which had been occupied by the Russian invaders since March 13.

Oleksiy Arestovych, the advisor of the President’s Office, confirmed on Sept. 6 that the Armed Forces of Ukraine had also liberated the village of Olhyne in Kherson Oblast.

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