Russian invaders launch over 1,300 missiles worth $7.5 billion against Ukraine

30 April, 01:39 PM
A part of a Russian missile (Photo:REUTERS/Mykola Tymchenko)

A part of a Russian missile (Photo:REUTERS/Mykola Tymchenko)

Since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Ukraine, invading Russian forces have launched over 1,300 missiles worth at least $7.5 billion, Forbes Ukraine reported on April 29.

In particular, the invaders launched 235 Kalibr missiles. In total, 62% launches were carried out with the use of Iskander missiles, 30% with X-101 missiles, and 8% with Tochka-U missiles.

According to Forbes, the cost of a Tochka-U is estimated at $300,000, while the cost of a Kalibr is $6.5 million, according to the terms of a Russian export contract with India in 2006. At the same time, X-101 missiles are more modern and may be much more expensive than Kalibr.

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Experts believe that the total cost of missiles exceeds the annual budgets of all Russian subject Oblasts and republics, except for Moscow, Moscow Oblast, and St. Petersburg.

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