Russian invaders to ‘rename’ 86 streets in occupied Melitopol, mayor says

5 February, 01:40 PM
Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov (Photo:Іван Федоров/Facebook)

Mayor of Melitopol Ivan Fedorov (Photo:Іван Федоров/Facebook)

The Russian occupation authorities in the Ukrainian city of Melitopol have announced the "renaming" of 86 streets in the Zaporizhzhya Oblast town, its mayor Ivan Fedorov reported on his Telegram messenger channel on Feb. 4.

"They dismantled the monument to (Ukrainian national poet Taras) Shevchenko, but were afraid of public condemnation and justified themselves by moving the ‘Kobzar’ to another place, announced the renaming of 86 streets, alleys and squares named after 'Ukronazis'," Fedorov said. A Kobzar is a traditional Ukrainian bard.

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The official noted that the occupying authorities want to rename streets after academics, heroes of the Second World War and a Kyivan Rus prince.

Melitopol has been under Russian military occupation since shortly after Moscow began its full-scale war on Ukraine.

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