Biden declassified intelligence on Russian preparations for full-scale Ukraine invasion because of skepticism

7 June, 02:07 PM
Joe Biden (Photo:REUTERS/Tom Brenner)

Joe Biden (Photo:REUTERS/Tom Brenner)

U.S. President Joe Biden declassified U.S. intelligence regarding Russia’s preparations for a full-scale invasion prior to Feb. 24 because some U.S. partners and allies were skeptical of invasion claims, revealed Director of National Intelligence Avril Haines at a cybersecurity conference on June 6.

“When we explained to our policymakers and our policymakers went to (our allies) interlocutors, they found that there was a fair amount of skepticism about this,” Haines said.

She noted that Biden then decided to declassify intelligence data and actively share it with partner and allied nations.

“The President came back to us and said, ‘you need to go out and share as much as you possibly can and ensure that folks see what it is that you’re seeing so that we can engage again and perhaps have more productive conversations about how to plan for essentially the potential of a Russian invasion,” Haines said.

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The Russian military launched a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24. However, rumors of such an invasion began swirling around in 2021, when Russia began its military build-up on Ukraine’s borders.

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