Russia exports stolen Ukrainian grain to the Middle East, Ukraine liberates four villages in Kharkiv Oblast

10 May, 10:47 AM
Consequences of the missile attack on Odessa, which Russia carried out in the evening of May 9: 7 missiles were fired in the city (Photo:Odesa city council/press service)

Consequences of the missile attack on Odessa, which Russia carried out in the evening of May 9: 7 missiles were fired in the city (Photo:Odesa city council/press service)

Today, May 10, is the 76th day of Ukraine's defense against a full-scale Russian invasion.  NV is tracking the main events of the day.

1842: Ukraine has liberated four villages in Kharkiv Oblast, Ukraine's General Staff has reported.

As a result of coordinated actions bythe Defense Forces of Ukraine in Kharkiv Oblast, the settlements of Cherkasy Tyshky, Rusky Tyshky, Rubizhne, and Bayrak were liberated, the General Staff said.

1657: There are still some 1,000 Ukrainian soldiers in the underground shelters of the Azovstal factory, the last Ukrainian stronghold in Russian-occupied Mariupol, Iryna Vereshchuk, Ukraine's reintegration minister, told French news agency AFP .

Видео дня

"Hundreds of them are wounded. There are people with serious injuries who need urgent evacuation. The situation is getting worse every day, "she said.

For several weeks Ukrainian soldiers have been calling on world leaders to launch a procedure of extraction to rescue them from the besieged factory. 

1431: Some of the grain that Russia stole from occupied territories in Ukraine is already on Russian ships in the Mediterranean region, Ukraine's Defense Ministry Main Intelligence Directorate has reported.

The occupiers continue to take food stolen in Ukraine to the territory of the Russian Federation and occupied Crimea.

  •  In Polohy, Zaporizhia region, grain and sunflower seeds in storage are being prepared for transportation to Russia, the intelligence says.
  • A column of Russian trucks loaded with grain has left Enerhodar, an occupied city in Zaporizhzhia Oblast, and is heading to occupied Crimea
  • In the village of Volokhiv Yar, Kharkiv Oblast, collaborators help the occupiers remove grain from warehouses. Grain trucks are then sent to the Russian border.
  • Some 1,500 tons of grain were exported by grain trucks from Mala Lepetykha, Kherson region, to occupied Crimea.
  • There is information that in addition to grain, the occupiers are stealing large volumes of vegetables in Ukraine - beets, potatoes, and cabbages, and transporting them to Crimea.
  • It is now known that a significant part of the grain stolen from Ukraine is on dry cargo ships under the Russian flag in the Mediterranean.

"Their most likely destination is Syria. From there, grain can be smuggled to other countries in the Middle East," Ukrainian intelligence says.

1334: German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock visited Bucha and Kyiv on May 10.

She is the highest-ranking German official to visit Ukraine since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of the country. 

Baerbock demanded justice for the victims of the Bucha massacre. She is also to meet Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba in Kyiv later today.

1225: Russia has conducted 34 aviation attacks on the Azovstal steel mill in Mariupol over the last 24 hours. 

According to the Azov Regiment, in particular, the enemy used strategic bombers eight times against the last Ukrainian stronghold in the city. Enemy naval and rocket artillery, rocket-propelled grenade launchers, UR-77 rocket launchers, tanks, and more are also being fired on the mill.

"The enemy has not stopped trying to capture the Ukrainian fortress and continues to carry out daily assaults with the support of infantry," Azov's message reads.

1217:  Lithuania has declared Russia "a terrorist state", Delfie has reported.

Some 128 lawmakers supported a Lithuanian parliament resolution, which reads  that Russia sees its goal as being the complete or partial destruction of the Ukrainian nation, and its spirit, by killing its members by whole families, kidnapping, torture, rape, and the abuse of the bodies of the killed and tortured.

1210: TV channel Al Jazeera English has shown a refrigerator wagon full of corpses of Russian soldiers killed in Ukraine. 

Al Jazeera journalists were given access to see the bodies stored in Kyiv Oblast. The Russians are still denying that more than 26,000 soldiers died in Ukraine and are allegedly refusing to take back the corpses Ukraine has in storage.

Morning Digest

Last night, as U.S. President Joe Biden signed the Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine, Russia fired seven missiles on Odesa. A shopping mall and warehouses were shelled. One person was killed and five more people were hospitalized. 

The Russians attacked Odesa with old Soviet-made rockets, that are less precise and therefore deadlier. 

The Pentagon said that Western sanctions have already begun to negatively affect Russia's ability to replenish its forces, including the production of high-precision ammunition.

A U.S. Defense Department official said Russia had already used up many of its high-precision weapons. 

In Luhansk Oblast, Ukrainian forces cleared the village of Belohorivka of occupiers who forded the Siverskuy Donets river yesterday.  About 80 Russian soldiers are still fighting in the village. All the military vehicles and the pontoon crossing they used to transport those across the river, were destroyed yesterday, Luhansk Oblast Governor Serhiy Haidai has reported.

Fighting has been going on in the villages of the Hirska Community. The line of defense is stable, there are no breakthroughs.

The Voivodine village is completely under Ukrainian control.

In Rubizhne, the Russians have not been able to advance.

"The goal of the Russians is to cut off the Luhansk region from other regions, closing the road through which the evacuation is taking place and humanitarian goods are being imported," Haidai said.

As of today, Russia has already lost 26,000 soldiers killed in action in Ukraine since February, Ukrainian Army General Staff has reported. Some 350 Russian invaders were killed in the last 24 hours.

The Russians have been regrouping and strengthening their forces near Izyum, in Kharkiv Oblast. They are also preparing to launch more attacks in the Donbas.

The General Staff also noted that the enemy is also continuing preparations for offensive operations in the areas of Lyman and Severodonetsk.

The enemy is focusing the main efforts of its aviation groups on supporting the actions of units in the eastern operational zone: in the Slobozhansky, Donetsk areas, and in the area of ​​the Azovstal factory.

Artillery duels have been going on across the contact line.

The General Staff also warned that there is a high probability of enemy missile strikes on civilian and military infrastructure throughout Ukraine.

The possibility of sabotage of the chemical industry enterprises of Ukraine with further accusations that this was done by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine cannot be ruled out, the General Staff said.

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